Use of Oshibori is deeply embedded in Japanese culture throughout history. It is believed that the history of Oshibori started in the Edo period ( others believe it started during the Muromachi period). At Tea Houses, a piece of cloth was soaked in water, and given to travelers who stopped by to rest. It gave them comfort from their long journey and was considered to be a heartwarming gesture. The popularity of Oshibori has expanded to be used in various manners in modern Japan. In Japan, Oshibori is widely used at restaurants, nail salons, Spas, and resort hotels. Oshiobori is also known as Hot Towel in many places. Oshibori industries represents the hospitality of Japanese culture. We have established Oshibori-Japan as the brand name and redefined the sensation and originality of Oshibori itself. Oshibori-Japan has reinvented with a brand new concept and style of Oshibori, to introduce to the world.


・Our Business

kozakura Our service of rental Oshibori is provided through the 3R system: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The process of rental Oshibori is fully provided by and through our delivery and pickup service. And since we should be conscientious and careful to and for our environment, Rental Oshibori is the perfect concept for the 21ist Century. Our Oshibori is made of 100 % pure cotton so that you can enjoy the blessings of nature. Our company, rental Oshibori, provides high-quality service to the metropolitan area surrounding Tokyo, Japan.

・Our Signature Product

レイオン 1. Product
This product, Ray-On, can warm and cool your Oshibori. To provide a valuable service to our valuable costumers, Ray-On has a convenient, two-way, "Heat" and "Cool" function to offer service for all seasonal needs. Ray-On is widely used in spas, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools and medical facilities.

2. Special Features
*Durably built in a synthetic resin.
*Compact and elegantly designed in a popular Super White color.
*High quality warming and cooling functions.
*"Heat" mode has an accurate two setting high/low control. *Easy to use rust resistant stainless steel tray included. *Main parts MADE IN JAPAN.

3. Usage
Chose your favorable setting: Heat/ Cool, then turn on the switch. Add your favorite LARME fragrance to your towel. LARME (sold separately)

・Our Signature Product

ラルム LARME (Fragrance for your Oshibori) There are 7 fragrances: citrus-lemongrass blend, lavender, peppermint, hinoki, eucalyptus, grapefruit and bergamot. One box contains 4 sheets of LARME. It can be set on a lower shelf of any towel warmer unit. The heat will release the essential oil from LARME to infuse fragrance to your towels. Considering the temperature of towel warmer which can go up to 80 C degree, LARME is made with heat resistance material. So, it is safe to leave LARME in the towel warmer for a long time, and the fragrance will last one week in a standard size unit. The retail price of one box is 3,150 yen (tax included). US dollar purchase is available. Trading term: FOB price or C & F (CIF) price. Payment method: Electric wire Minimum order: 1000 boxes Sample is available by request only.